No matter what physical symptom we are manifesting in our bodies, there is always an emotional undercurrent and a mind virus, or a thought program behind it. Emotions get stored in our bodies, and our bodies are our communicators. When the emotions that get stored in our bodies are toxic, low frequency emotions, we manifest dis-ease, illness, and even injuries – all as our bodies’ subconscious means of letting us know we have specific thought programs to change and emotions to release.

Some of the more common emotional undercurrents and thought programs related to physical heart dis-ease manifestations include the following:

  •  “All heart” – These are people who are ultra loving, emanating Divine Love and radiance and unlimited giving and found their gifts of Love and compassion to be rejected by those who needed their wisdom, support, Love and compassion the most. This generally began in childhood, where their gifts were not seen or appreciated by their family. This resulted in a pattern of perceiving themselves un-valued and unappreciated by the world around them. This particular mind virus caused stagnating emotions stuck in the heart center, and as a “wall” around the heart, and replicates out over and over again, as they continue looking for those who appreciate and value them, but find instead more rejection.Nobody wants what I have to give.” “Nobody can see me.” “I feel invisible.” “I’m not enough.” “I feel helpless to connect with those who could benefit from my love, compassion and wisdom.” For these people, healing begins with giving love, support and value to themselves first. 
  • “Sealed unit” and “Broken hearted” – These people generally felt like the “odd one out” in their families. They may have been the “black sheep” or the “scapegoat” in their family; particularly if they were raised by a narcissistic parent who engaged in playing one child against another. To protect against the pain of the constant “wrong-making” of them, they shielded up and engaged in avoidant behaviors, which carried into adulthood, as this mind-virus replicated – “I can’t receive love.” “I’m damned if I do, damned if I don’t.”I’m all wrong.” “Love is a poison apple.” “Love hurts.” “I can’t receive.” “I feel completely insecure and unsupported by God/Source/Universe.” “I’m completely undeserving of Love.” “I’m not lovable.” In their childhood, their expressions of Love were met with abuse and wrong-making, and as they grew up they could not expect to give or receive Love freely, without severe consequences. They have extreme difficulty with receiving any Love from others, though they may well be able to emanate it to others. They were taught that they were all wrong, and that Love hurts. For them, healing begins with finding their Divine RIGHTness, learning that they are allowed to have a self, and that that self is Love. Self-compassion and self-acceptance are called for to delete this mind virus and begin true healing. 
  • “Emotional-commotional” – These people tend to come from families in which one or more parents engaged in histrionic behavior, so they grew up believing that’s what Love is and associating Love with histrionic expressions. From Wikipedia: “People with HPD (Histrionic Personality Disorder) have a high need for attention, make loud and inappropriate appearances, exaggerate their behaviors and emotions, and crave stimulation. They may exhibit sexually provocative behavior, express strong emotions with an impressionistic style, and can be easily influenced by others. Associated features include egocentrism, self-indulgence, continuous longing for appreciation, and persistent manipulative behavior to achieve their own needs.” In the case of children raised by histrionic parents, these children did not have their needs met, as their parents were too busy making their own needs more important and focused on being the center of attention. The child observes that this must be how to get Love, by behaving this way, and so they grow up behaving that way, as a very deep and loud call for Love. For them, healing begins with filling up their own needs, giving themselves the attention they require and deserve, and connecting with their True essence within their Hearts. 
  • “Scrooge” – These people were taught from childhood that money was more important than they were and were devalued accordingly. As a result they grow up to be stingy with love. The less love they show to others or to themselves, the more their hearts become diseased. They were highly judged by their families in childhood, heavily demanded upon, and the pervading mind virus is “I’m not good enough.” “I can never be good enough.They judge their own worth on external illusions of success.He who dies with the most toys wins.” They harbor underlying rage, bitter resentment, anxiety, tension, and suppressed aggression, as well as deep shame and remorse over a life they feel was wasted. These are the overachievers of the world, workaholics, and the ones who may be millionaires or billionaires who have heart attacks or commit suicide for being depressed and unhappy despite seemingly to “have it all.” They associated the high demands and judgmental attitude of their parents with Love. In families where narcissistic parents were involved, these ones were often the “golden child.” For them, healing begins with letting enough be good enough. Their healing expands when they give freely, not only to others, but to themselves. Taking a rest from work to indulge in compassionate self-nurturing is vital for them. Taking a rest from money-making and illusions of success to help others in need is a healing nectar for these hearts. 

It’s important to remember too, that these mind viruses and emotional undercurrents do not always begin with us. They may start in our childhood, however, they can be passed down through the family lineages; they can be brought with us from other lifetimes. What is important is to work on deleting the mind virus and give the self and body healing, no matter where the mind virus and emotional undercurrents may have come from. There may be periods of awakening when rage and grief are exposed as they come to the surface. There may be a need to blame the parents or ancestors for a little while, as healing occurs. In each and every case, forgiveness is the key – but we cannot forgive until we are ready. If you find you are unable to forgive just yet – then remember to forgive yourself for not forgiving yet. We let go of the pain as we are ready, and judging ourselves through any part of the healing process only delays the healing. 

Stay tuned for upcoming posts on physical support for healing the heart.